The French Connection: Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Quebec Canada (Greater Snow Goose Hunting)

Pat and I travelled to Quebec Canada in late-May 2010 for what became one of the best goose hunts either of us have ever experienced.  Greater snow goose hunting in Quebec is a far more rewarding experience than snow goose hunting anywhere else in the world.

Going to Quebec is like going to France in many ways. It's like stepping into another world and culture with the architecture, mannerisms and of course the language which is more French than English. On the mighty St. Lawrence River, I almost expected to see war canoes, enactments of The French and Indian War and the Last of the Mohicans in this area steeped in history. Ramsey and I flew to Quebec City, Quebec and entered another world, another adventure and a promising destination for future clients to enjoy as we did. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this trip and wish I could have stayed longer. It easily ranks among the top 5 or 6 destinations I have been to in my world travels.

Ocellated Turkey Hunting: In Edzna's Shadow

It was a hunt I'd wanted to make since seeing an Ocellated turkey the first time. The cerulean spots for which the bird is named, and the bronzed tip and gold saddle, make the bird among the most strikingly beautiful.  I expected Mexico. But the adventure was unlike anything I expected; it was like being immersed in the pages of a National Geographic.  A week spent ocellated turkey hunting in Edzna's shadow is one I'll long remember.

Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting Valentine Day 2010

Came home more relaxed than I've been in years.  This definitely qualifies as a favorite "duck hunt".  You'll kill more birds in South America than on this Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt, but the limits are generous and you'll shoot plenty.

Cinnamon teal, blue-wing teal, green-winged teal, whistling ducks (black-bellied and fulvous both), pintail and the almighty Ramzilla, as it's refered to in certainly discreet circles: the northern shoveler.  My blind was fortunate enough to shoot our 20-bird limits daily. The weather was a perfect mid-50s in the morning and mid-80s in the afternoon. Never broke a sweat, never got cold, and thankfully wasn't experiencing the 8-inch snow that fell the night of our departure.