Mandatory Hunter Education Before Hunting Manitoba

There will be a few complaints as one more to-do before making that trip-of-a-lifetime, but promoting hunter safety puts a positive spin on the public's perception of hunters.  Another step in the right direction.  Beginning January 1, 2012, all resident and non-resident visitors hunting in Manitoba, Canada, must provide proof of hunter's safety certification before purchasing a Manitoba hunting license.  Eligibility to purchase a hunting licence can be established with a certificate or card that certifies successful completion of a hunter education course in Manitoba; either a Hunter Education Course or the old Hunter & Firearm Safety Training Course, or the equivalent in any other province, territory or country.

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For hunters that have not yet recieved Hunter Education, it is available online at http://www.huntercourse.com/

One-time fee exemption now makes it easier for US hunters visiting Canada

For some hunters, it has been deterent to taking long-awaited Canada goose and duck hunting trips:  certain misdemeanor criminal offenses, such as DWI, are recognized in Canada as a felony.  Visitors with criminal felonies are denied entry.   It requires explaining Canadian inadmissibility with clients during pre-trip planning, and it has always been a delicate point of discussion, "Does anyone in your group have a DWI from back in the day?"  But it beats their being unaware and, following expensive travel, being denied at Canadian Customs.

That changed this week.  For foreign nationals considered inadmissable due to criminal records, Canadians have eased rules regarding entry.  The Canadian tourism industry has a large hunting- and fishing-guide contingency.  Their source of complaints stemmed from the the significant loss of hunter-related revenues.  They put sustained pressure on Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to implement common-sense policy.  New policy grants visiting Americans hunters or anglers a one-time fee exemption for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) for certain offences, including offences such as driving while impaired. It used to be a long, convoluted and expensive process.

Americans with convictions still must receive "rehabilitation" to permanently clear their records, but receiving the TRP will prevent their rejection at the border.  This new policy covers DWI if it's the only conviction on their record.  It is yet unknown whether this is a one-time-only pass, or if it will apply indefinitely.

Read Full Summary Operation Bulletin 389 - February 27, 2012

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