Uruguay Duck Hunt at New Tacuarí Lodge

duck hunting in uruguay
It's not as easy as it sounds.  Finding and delivering duck hunting trips around the world entails long hours, arduous travel away from home and the hassle and inconveniences that come with it.

I know, I know, but someone has to do it (and just wait, I've got a whole series of stories about things that happen along the way you'll never, ever read about in slick travel brochures).  I like traveling to new places and pulling the trigger, but new and different experiences, preferably way off the beaten path, are most compelling.

Most GetDucks.com wingshooting destinations offered in South America are as convenient to an airport as Disney World to Orlando.  The duck hunting is incredible; total-package experiences relative to duck hunting locally are unbelievable. Sometimes we get real lucky and find something harder to get to, but worth it.  Our new Tacuarí Lodge Uruguay duck hunting program is the perfect example.

The best duck hunting in Uruguay is located to the east.  Many duck species common to Uruguay are rare or not available throughout much of Argentina.  Uruguay duck hunts are usually operated from hotels and let's face it, who wants to travel that far to stay in a hotel?

Tacuarí Lodge is located 5.5 hours from Montevideo, in remote northeastern Uruguay, right across the river from Brazil.  We drove past other duck hunting operations getting there.  It was worth it.  What awaited surprised us.

duck hunting in uruguay with ramsey russell's getducks.com
uruguay duck hunt not argentina duck huntOverlooking the river and surrounded by a delta-flat, agricultural landscape encompassing Uruguay's foremost rice production was a newly constructed lodge consisted of a spacious, 2-den plus dining room social area with 2 wings of private bedrooms located on each side.  A row of comfortable leather recliners and sofas faced a big-screen, satellite-enabled TV and roaring fireplace.  Within reach at all times were delicious appetizers such as pintail pâté and rosybill empanadas. Game heads and old hunting photos adorned the walls.  We were at home sweet camp away from home, like being at Arkansas duck camp but in Uruguay.  The next 3 mornings were like dying going to duck camp in Heaven.

White-faced whistling ducks were abundant.  Ditto for Ringed Teal.  Weather-wise it was unseasonably warm; afternoons were slow.  Not that we cared because morning duck hunts were by far the very best Uruguay duck hunting experienced in many trips.

Our 3-day Tacuarí Lodge Uruguay duck hunt produced 382 ducks for 2 guns, with 90 percent bagged during morning hunts.  A diversity of blind-types and habitat conditions were hunted and the hunting program better resembled U.S. duck hunting than usually encountered away from home.  Species-specific decoys and duck calling, well-brushed blinds, proper scouting, and Labrador retrievers come to mind.  Our host donned a call lanyard full of South American leg bands gleaned from years of duck hunting in nearby Brazil.

uruguay duck hunting
We feasted like kings on steaks as thick as cinder blocks, on regional specialties such as rosybill stroganoff and chicken ricotta pie and, because we requested it, on roasted Brazilian ducks.  An extraordinary amount of heavy cream makes Uruguayan vanilla ice cream some of the best on earth, especially when heaped on strawberries.

We found exactly what were looking for and more.  Far off the beaten path, we encountered the best duck hunting in Uruguay yet seen, presented in an Arkansas duck camp atmosphere with at-home amenities and the camp-perfect diet-busting meal plan. Just when you think you've seen it all, up walks a Uruguay duck hunting guide with a call lanyard heavy with duck bands.

Ramsey Russell ‘s GetDucks.com is a full-time, full-service agency specializing in wing shooting with major emphasis on trophy duck species and trophy duck hunting experiences. It's duck season somewhere. Your trip of a lifetime deserves – and receives – our full attention.  Ready to pull the trigger?  Call Ramsey toll free at 1-866-438-3897 to discuss.

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