Argentina duck hunting these days - laughs are just seconds away

The other day, the outside thermometer could be seen plainly reading in the high-90s.  The heat index was 103.  Good old Mississippi summertime: growing tomatoes, mowing lawns, planning outside to-dos for mornings and late-afternoons.   Mid-day walks to the mailbox cause for breaking a sweat if you piddle.  So I was thankful to be working in the air condition with plenty to keep me busy.  Then the phone chirped with an incoming message from clients duck hunting in Argentina.

See, guests eventually become friends.  And duck hunting friends love nothing more than to rub it in good when someone's stuck in the office.  Especially after a great Argentina duck hunt.  You know exactly what I mean.

I read recently that Maasai in remote Kenya, for example, have more information at their fingertips with a smartphone today than did President George W. Bush when sworn in during his first term. Amazing really.

And a result of this modern technology? Gigging friends half way across the world from Argentina and stuck in the office is just seconds away: 

Thanks boys!  It made for a good laugh, and it's always great to hear that guests are having the hunting trip of  a lifetime. Real-time makes it even better. 

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